Master batches set the tone

Master batches are for plastics processing, what good ingredients and spices are for gourmet cuisine. Only the right master batch turns a "simple" plastic into a very special product.
This starts with colour master batch , which give each plastic its very own colouring and thus make it an individual product among all other plastics. In industry, a colour can represent a certain functionality and, for example, have a signalling effect.
In daily life, we encounter coloured polymers in all areas of life. Brands and products make our world more colourful and evoke different emotions depending on the colour.

Colour is a visible parameter that allows polymers to differ from each other. This is different on the use of additives, with which we at Poly-IQ locate the best characteristics into your initial raw material and thus model your plastic into a high-quality final product.

Among other things, Poly-IQ supplies you with:

  • Black master batch
  • White master batch
  • Colour master batch
  • Blowing agent master batch
  • Moisture absorber master batch
  • UV Protection master batch
  • Flame retardant master batch
  • Lubricant master batch
  • Anti-block master batch
  • Antioxidant master batch
  • Anti-static master batch
  • Filler master batch (also chalk master batch)